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Feeding Protein to your Deer Population? Here's Why you Need a Gravity Feeder

It's no secret. 

Protein-enriched deer feed can help the deer on your property become more robust and healthy; it can also ensure your deer herd stays healthful during the sparse winter months. If healthy, hearty antlers and large, fit bucks are on your wish list, then protein supplementation is a must. A protein-rich diet is also linked to larger herd sizes, as more fawns are born to healthy animals with abundant food supplies. Read about the science behind antler growth and weight gains plus tips for starting a successful protein feeding program. Discover the difference that this important strategy can make for you and your deer population.

Despite being herbivores, deer do need protein for muscle growth and for overall health and wellbeing, but the right protein-producing plants are not always available. Supplemental feed that is protein rich can fill in any gaps in nutrition and ensure your herd stays as healthy as possible, even in the barren months of winter.

Make the Most of Protein Feeding with Gravity Feeders 

While protein rich feed will help your herd weather even the harshest of winters, it needs to be delivered in the right way. Protein gravity feeders are essential for proper delivery of protein rich feed by keeping feed dry and fresh, which reduces waste. Texas Hunter protein feeders are specifically designed for deer, with elevated feed ports, a roto-molded hopper that will never rust, and extra-wide lids so they’re easy to fill.

Protein Feeders Make Food Accessible

Specifically designed to be the right height and shape for deer, protein feeders ensure that the deer can easily access the protein feed, and that your investment does not go to waste. Multiple feed ports make it easy for several deer to feed at a time, and a large capacity means less human activity around the feeder.

Protein Feed stays dry and fresh

Texas Hunter Products offers a full line of protein feeders starting with a 300 lb. capacity. They also offer large capacity protein feeders with 600 lb., 1,000 lb., 1,200 lb. and 2,000 lb. hoppers. These innovative protein feeders are designed to keep protein feed clean, dry and fresh. The angle of the large feed ports makes the protein feed easily accessible to deer and prevents the weather from causing any issues with disrupting the feed flow.

Responsible deer herd management ensures your future deer hunts result in success and that you enjoy a robust and healthy deer herd. Make sure your deer get the protein feed they need and that you protect your investment by using the right gravity feeders for the job.

Learn more about Texas Hunter’s line of deer protein feeders, watch the video on the Protein Feeders and see the difference the right protein feeders can make.