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Benefits of Year-Round Supplemental Feeding

From our friends at MossyOak Gamekeepers

In addition to establishing high-quality food plots, incorporating supplementary feeding can greatly enhance the overall well-being of your deer population and maximize their genetic capabilities. Many individuals who attribute their deer's perceived "poor genetics" would be astonished by the potential growth they could achieve by providing superior year-round nutrition. Prior to initiating any feeding initiative, it is imperative to thoroughly review and adhere to the applicable state and local regulations governing wildlife feeding.

Recovery After The Rut

Offering supplementary nourishment through a free-flowing feeder presents an excellent method to alleviate the physical strain experienced by whitetail deer. BioLogic has introduced a novel feed known as BCP (consisting of beans, corn, and protein) that boasts an optimal balance of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. This nutritional composition aids in the recuperation of deer following the rut and winter hardships, enabling them to transition into spring with optimal physical fitness.

Fawn Health

Deer that commence the spring season in excellent physical condition, rather than needing to focus on recovery and making up for lost ground, significantly enhance their likelihood of attaining their genetic potential. With a consistent supply of high-quality nutritional feed during the winter and early spring, does can produce healthier fawns, while bucks can gain a competitive advantage in developing their next set of antlers.

Keeping Track

Continuously maintaining trail cameras near supplementary feeders enables you to observe which bucks have successfully survived the hunting season and also provides insights into the timing and locations of their antler shedding.

Controlling Predators

During the winter season, feeders draw various other creatures, including nest predators like raccoons, opossums, and skunks. As these unwelcome egg thieves visit a consistent food source, it presents a prime location to set traps and decrease their numbers, thereby promoting the growth of your turkey population.

Fill the Gap Between Seasons

Supplementary feeding serves to bridge the nutritional gaps that arise during periods when food plot crops and native browse are not readily available due to seasonal growth limitations. In instances of severe drought, when customary sources of browse and food plot crops are scarce, supplemental feed can provide vital assistance to deer and other wildlife.


Start your feeding program early in the winter, even better yet, during the fall, when deer are still healthy. Waiting until they are starving before providing supplemental feed can hasten starvation through stress and sudden diet change. See the entire line of Texas Hunter Protein Feeders.