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7 Deer Hunting Tips

Whether you’re a veteran whitetail hunter or a heading into the woods for the first time, these 7 pointers can help you have more success this deer season.

1 - Make Final Cuts by Labor Day Weekend

Avoid trimming your shooting lanes and otherwise disturbing vegetation in your hunting area during the season. The time to clear shooting lanes is during the summer work weekends and at the latest, Labor Day Weekend. Smart trophy bucks can detect the smell of freshly cut limbs and branches and will associate that with human activity.

2 - Google it

Check out your hunting area on Google Maps prior to your trip. Take a print-out to show hunters who are new to the area. Seeing this aerial view of your hunting location makes it much easier to plan the best routes for the quietest entry and exit points.

3 – Mask Your Scent

Store your hunting attire in sealed plastic bag with foliage and soil and shower with odor-free soap for odor concealment.

4 – Don’t forget the Tick Repellant

Be sure to cover yourself and your kids with a good tick repellant during the early fall when you’re scouting, with special attention to your boots and legs. Tick-borne diseases can cancel your hunting season and you don’t want it to be over before it’s begun.

5 - Practice Your Stealth Mode

Don’t underestimate the importance of accessing your deer blind or hunting location undetected. This fall, take some practice runs to your stand or hunting location during daylight hours. Move any broken limbs on the ground that could alert a smart buck to your presence when walking-in on opening day. Getting into your spot and settled as quietly as possible is a key to having a chance at that big buck.

6 - Use Deer Blinds

Deer hunting blinds maximize your concealment so even the smartest bucks won’t detect your movement. The added benefit of comfort and shelter from harsh winds are other great reasons to consider a hunting stand. Shooting houses also make the hunting experience more enjoyable for young and old alike - while providing additional scent protection for those bucks that are approaching downwind.

7 – End of Season Scouting

If you find yourself near the end of the season still searching for that elusive buck, scout for reopened scrapes in deep cover and set-up shop to wait them out. While the smartest bucks are reluctant to get out in the open, they’re still out there searching for hot does in the cover.

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