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6 Tips for Better Bowhunting

1. Float the Pin

Allowing the sight pin to float around the deer as you squeeze the trigger will help you tighten your groups. When practicing, don’t try and hold the pin perfectly still on your mark, which is hard to do anyway. Instead, let the pin float around the target and then squeeze, keeping it slow and steady.

2. Shorten Your Release

Shorten your release aid so that at a full draw you can curl your index finger around the trigger at the middle joint. This technique makes it easier to squeeze the trigger smoothly - and with much better control – than trying to trip your release trigger with the tip of an extended index finger.

3. Follow-through

Watching the shaft of each arrow all the way to the target through the sight-pin bracket during practice sessions will help keep you from dropping your bow arm and improve your follow-through.

4. Kneel Down

An essential skill shot for stalk hunting or still-hunts with a bow is kneeling down on one knee to hide the human shape. This stance will allow you to get out of sight as deer approach, but slowly - and quietly - stand and draw your bow when the time is right.

5.Low Light Practice 

Many bow shots at mature whitetail bucks are made in the early morning or late evening, when sight pins dim and daylight is limited. Devote some practice time to the opening and closing minutes of legal light for effective crunch time prep.

6. Take a Shot and Walk Away

Repetitive shots during practice perfects your form, but you rarely get a second shot at a buck. Start every morning a month before opening day by shooting a single, broadhead-tipped hunting arrow. Choose your distance and shoot. Then walk away. Increase the difficulty each day and you’ll be ready for the shot of the season.

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