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4 Reasons to Take Your Kids Fishing This Summer

#1 Get ‘em outdoors. Most kids spend a lot of time in front of electronics after school and during winter months. And even if they’re involved in sports, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re focused on being outdoors. Summer is a great time to pick-up a couple of fishing poles and head to a nearby state park with a lake. Being outdoors on a lake or a pond has a great, calming effect for you and your kids.

#2 Food source. Just like gardening, hunting or raising livestock, fishing helps teach kids where our food really comes from. It also opens their world to try new foods and learn about broadening their taste palate and learn about healthier ways to eat. The act of catching, preparing and cooking fish for their own meal gives them a big sense of accomplishment, too!

#3 Patience

One thing that we can do for our kids is slow them down and help them focus. Our world has become fast-paced. A little downtime to slow down, be patient, and enjoy the little things is always good. Fishing teaches us to be patient and just relax. Fishing is a great time to disengage from stressful activities and rushing around to get things done, and spend some time outdoors in nature with your child and just relax.

#4 Conversations

A lot of times after school with the kids means rushing to the next sports practice or activity, then home for dinner, homework and bedtime routines. It seems like less time is available to just sit and talk to your child. A good conversation about more than what homework is due tomorrow or what project is due for the next day’s activity. The best real life conversations can be outdoors you’re relaxed and able to speak freely without the busy things in life getting in the way. Fishing is a conversation starter and fun family activity that can be enjoyed by all as a sport at your local park or as part of a relaxing family camping trip.