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3 Ways to Improve Your Deer with Protein

Many consider the supplemental feeding of protein to deer to be a key factor in a deer management program and an ideal source of nutrition for deer. Setting the stage with a supplemental protein feeding program will improve the health of your deer herd and give them the additional supplements they need to reach their maximum potential.

Higher Survival Rates = More Deer

A steady diet of protein feed will result in a larger population of deer because of higher survival rates. A protein feeding program gives your deer the energy they need to survive the harsh winter months. During the rut, bucks get worn down and with a protein supplement they’ll have more energy and faster overall body recovery to help increase survival rates and initiate antler development.

Improved Antler Development

Feeding protein also gives deer the important nutrients they need for maximizing their antler development during the peak antler growing season in the spring and summer. Whitetail deer begin the process of antler development for the following year, soon after they shed. By providing protein year-round, you’ll improve their antler development and their chances of growing a bigger rack.

Does and Fawns

Not only do bucks benefit from a protein feeding program, high protein diets are also beneficial to pregnant and lactating does. The higher nutrition benefits fawns during initial growth in the womb as well as after birth through the milk from the does. With a higher fawn survival rate you have an opportunity for more trophy bucks in the future.

Texas Hunter Products makes starting and maintaining a supplemental deer feeding program easy and affordable. With several models available and exclusive patented technology, Texas Hunter engineered the most innovative protein feeders ever designed. These feeders have a gravity flow system that always keeps protein feed fresh. When distributed throughout a sanctuary environment, protein feeders become an essential part of the deer-management system. The supplemental feeding of protein is a year-round effort. By strategically placing protein feeders throughout a wildlife environment, more deer can be fed and attracted to an area.