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​10 Freshwater Fishing Tips

Prep Prep Prep!

Nothing beats good ol’ preparation. This will make the whole fishing trip a lot more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone! Make sure to dress for the weather and pack any extras you might need later (sunscreens, hats, jackets, etc.) Also make sure that your bait and tackle is organized and ready to go. The last thing anyone wants is to be running around trying to find their new hooks or where their cast net is hiding.

Catch Your Own Live Bait

Catching your own live bait with a cast net is a cheaper and more adventurous option. For bass fishing, shad, bluegill, crawfish, and minnows make great bait. Just make sure to check local regulations before you head out.

Chum the Water

Many anglers associate chumming with offshore fishing, but it can do wonders for freshwater fishermen as well! Tie off a fish basket or a chum bag to the dock and toss it out into the lake. Mashed-up shad, shrimp or any other kind of aquatic life work well, but canned tuna or mackerel is hard to beat. Just punch some holes in the cans and throw them in your chum bag.

Clean Your Hands

Make sure after applying sunscreen or eating to clean your hands. Fish are extremely sensitive to smell, so any strong foreign human odors can scare them off.


This one is nothing you haven’t heard before, but it’s easily forgotten. Make sure to pack plenty of water before heading out fishing. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to make the day more fun, safe, and comfortable!

Sharpen Old Hooks

If your hooks have been lying at the bottom of your tackle box for a while, and you plan on bringing them out of retirement… it’s a good idea to sharpen them before going out to the lake. Nothing is worse than snagging a monster bass then losing them due to a dull hook.

Speaking of Hooks… Use Circle Hooks

Circle hooks do not look as if they would be effective at catching anything, but that’s anything but true! Circle hooks snag fish in the corner of the mouth where it will stay lodged as you reel in. Circle hooks work great when using live or cut bait because you do not have to set the hook; the fish hook themselves! When you have a bite, pull back with a sweeping motion and start reeling in your catch! This also minimizes damage to the fish while bringing them in.

Fish Before the Storm

When rain is coming, the air pressure is just right for bass. They become more active and energetic. Right before the storms hit is one of best times to squeeze in a quick trip out to the water!

Fish in Shade

While it will also feel better on a hot summer day, you will also have a better chance at catching those largemouth bass. Fish do not have eyelids to block out the sun, so they most likely will be spending those steamy days in the shaded parts of the lake or pond.

Along with Shade, Fish by Structures

like the shade, bass love hanging out by structures. Natural and artificial structures provide protection for fish. They also give great cover for bass to ambush prey.

One More! Use Texas Hunter Fish Feeders to Grow Bigger Fish Faster!

By starting a fish feeding program in your lake or pond, you can grow bigger fish to improve your fishing. Utilizing a reliable fish feeder to accurately dispense your fish feed is the foundation of a successful fish feeding program. Texas Hunter fish feeders utilize a high velocity air stream to project fish feed pellets up to 45 feet into the water in a wedge-shaped pattern, with a 20-foot widespread. Texas Hunter Fish Feeders are available in three different capacities, from 70 lbs. to 250 lbs. of fish feed. Available in your choice of straight ‘dock’ legs for mounting on piers or docks or angled adjustable legs for leveling the feeder on a sloping bank on your pond or lake. The premium digital timer feeds 1 to 9 times per day and includes a built-in battery tester and 5-year limited warranty. To contact a Lake Manager near you or for more information, contact us at 800-969-3337!