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Fish Feeders Grow Bigger Fish Faster

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Texas Hunter Fish Feeders Grow Bigger Fish Faster

Research shows that feeding the sportfish in your pond or lake dramatically enhances the size of the bluegill and other forage fish that the largemouth bass like to eat. Also, supplemental fish feeding programs help forage fish spawn more frequently so you have larger, healthier fish and more of them. Bottom line, the bass in your pond or lake benefit from the production of larger, healthier forage fish. Texas Hunter Products’ automatic fish feeders let you add a consistent, daily supplemental feeding to the food chain which leads to bigger, healthier catfish, bluegill, bass and other trophy sportfish.

Why feed your fish?

A regular fish feeding program supplements your pond or lake’s existing food sources – and provides a consistent food supply for the sport fish in your pond. Also, supplemental feeding attracts fish around your fish feeders which creates ‘feeding zones’ that improves catch rates of sport fish in those areas.

What are forage fish?

Forage fish are smaller fish, such as minnows, bluegill and small catfish that the largemouth bass eat. A healthy number of forage fish provides food for your bass to prey upon and thrive. The added bonus – is forage fish such as bluegill spawn more frequently on a fish feeding program which increases the number of forage fish in your pond or lake.

What are other benefits of supplemental feeding?

Supplemental feeding of your fish affects a pond’s entire food ecosystem, from the phytoplankton at the bottom of your pond and everything up to the surface. Fish food supplies extra nutrients in the water which feeds more water bugs which feed more insects which, in turn, feed more fish.

Fish Feeders create ‘feeding zones’.

Texas Hunter Fish Feeders utilize a high-velocity air stream to project fish feed into the water with a wedge-shaped pattern. This broad feed pattern spreads out the fish feed across the lake’s surface, which gives more fish a chance to eat the feed. An effective fish feeding program is scheduled for the same times and place each day. Texas Hunter fish feeders let you set up to 9 feed events per day and have complete control over the amount of feed released each time. This draws fish to the feeding areas, creating ‘feeding zones’ that make catching fish fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

Texas Hunter fish feeders make it easy to grow bigger fish.

Texas Hunter has engineered and built the industry’s premier line of directional fish feeders. Their patented, high efficiency fish feeders feature a dual motor system that delivers a consistent, metered flow of feed into the powerful centrifugal air blower system. This specially designed air blower system creates a high velocity air stream that projects the fish feed in a large wedge-shaped pattern up to 45-feet into the water.

The premium digital timer is another Texas Hunter Products’ exclusive - which synchronizes the fish feeder’s two motors. This design turns the feed flow on and off while the air blower system is still running. This prevents fish feed from dropping directly in front of the feeder and attracting varmints.


The Premium Digital Timer by Texas Hunter Products is so easy to set you can throw away the instructions. Convenient features include a special DuPont® coating that protects the circuit board from temperature and condensation and a memory chip that maintains the feed settings, even when disconnected from the battery. Top quality engineering and durable construction means you feed anytime, every time. There are no internal fuses or battery to maintain. This timer was engineered to provide long term trouble-free operation and is backed by Texas Hunter’s 5-Year Limited Warranty.

Texas Hunter fish feeders can be set from single feedings up to 9 times per day. Each feeding can be assigned a run time from a single second up to one minute. Also, there’s an optional solar charger that mounts on any side of the feeder and includes a bracket at the perfect angle to capture and maximize the sun’s energy. Other convenient features include lockable lid and timer compartment latches and a low-profile design for easy filling – and steady, secure footing.

Texas Hunter Fish Feeders are available in three capacities: 70 lbs., 175 lbs., or 250 lbs. They are always in stock and available for same-day shipping. Texas Hunter Products has built a reputation in the automatic feeder industry for delivering reliable, long-lasting products meeting the real-life needs of outdoor enthusiasts for over 60 years. Visit them online at www.TexasHunter.com to see their full line of fish feeders and their broad product line including a big selection of deer and wildlife feeders, protein feeders and hunting blinds.

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